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Chapter 2

You certainly are excited huh?” she whispered against my breath and my hands rounded her back, I just couldn’t hold back now. I grabbed her by her bare waist pulled her in me to make her feel my throbbing d**k.

I was almost shocked to see her not pulling away instead she supported my grip. I held her neck gently “You are excited too Ma’am“.

“Proves that you learn things late huh?” she

mouthed in the most seductive voice. I held her tighter to see her expression

“Ohh so this was what I had to learn miss”.

“Don’t you think I notice how you get all red and aroused when I enter the class? You drool over the sight of my backless blouse I saw you” she said placing her forehead against mine, we both breathing heavily.

I pushed her and rolled her with her so that she mounted against my back. “And what about you ma’am aren’t you excited? don’t you feel anything? Not even the hard wood rubbing on your lower back? ” I growled near her ear.

NOOO, I AM NOT” she pulled away facing me

Don’t touch me” she shouted and started walking away. I pulled her back grabbed her from her lower waist and pressed hard into my body.

A sweet moan burst out of her. She leaned in me and I felt her body giving up when I cupped her neck and bit her out of the mixture of rage and adornment I felt for her, Her hands slid down my body, and I pressed her curves feeling each and every inch of her skin. I reached into her breast and squeezed them hard.

She growled in my ear making me hotter for her. I entered her blouse and felt the skin of her b***s. Her nipples hard as my d**k.

“Grab it” I ordered her cupping and squeezing her face, establishing dominance. She rubbed felt my d* *k and rubbed it as my hips grinded, I suddenly responded in catching her from her thighs and picked her up and placing her on the work station of the lab.

This is wrong” she quivered, but I knew it was too late. I pinned her on the island and moved my hand up the fall of her saree. I found her p* * *y drenched when my d**k throbbed to the point where it started hurting. I kept her pinned with my left hand and rubbed her pink c* *t with my right.

She responded with pitched screams. I held free of my D* *k from my pants which was covered.

Take It” I ordered, her to come down. She held herself up her hair messed up, She went down and started stroking my d* *k with her hand and took it in her mouth tasting me bare. I grinded my hips with the flow and came into her mouth.

Your c*m is so thick” she said eyeing me upward when she was on her knees her mouth filled.

I wanted to take that mental picture of her, so vulnerable, her mouth dripping.

She went in the corner bathroom and came back after washing herself up. The time she took in the bathroom gave me space to settle myself too and process what had just happened.

I cleaned myself with a cloth and pulled up my pants. She came out of the bathroom looking fresh, gorgeous and glowing more than ever,

This will never happen again,” she said in a low voice, feeling embarrassed and almost apologetic. I went to her she stepped back but I affirmed my ground and held her arms.

This will happen, this was amazing” I said confidently.

No, you are my student I am your teacher” she complained standing still embarrassed.

Yeah, the hot teacher, the hottest girl I have ever seen, who made my d**k uncontrollable“.

STOP! JUST STOP! I can’t I have to go” she screamed and ran her way up to door and left the place.

To be continued..


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