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Chapter 3

I went home with a bright smile and a pinch in my gut. She entered the class the next day and my d**k signaled the excitement, but not restless in a calm manner. She didn’t say a word to me and ignored me more than ever as if I never existed and doesn’t cease to exist. I felt an ache in my chest.

She gave the Physics lab’s key to one of the school staff subordinate whom I used to say hello to once in a while, so I pretended that the teacher had asked me to get the key from him and he politely agreed to it.

At dispersal, I entered the Physics lab and saw her again but this time facing the project pile and her one hand on her waist that looked smooth as cream.

I locked in the lab and hearing that she turned to face me “What are you doing here?” “locking the door” I replied.

“Don’t do this, pleaasee I am sorry that I lead you on yesterday”.

So what? I loved it, and I want you ma’am” I replied furiously.

I took her hand and pulled her towards my body leaving no gap for air between us. I was as turned on as yesterday and I could see she was getting red too,

Yesterday I needed to get me hatred out of my body but today I just loved seeing her lush body creating a different blood dance for me, “We cannot do this” she

said “We can and nobody has to know I promise” I replied.

I am about to get married you don’t understand,” she said in return and I ignored her kissing her because I could not control watching her pink face without my mouth on it.

You are so awesome, I don’t have words”

I hummed in between us kissing, It was visible she clearly wanted me as she was fighting inside and a tear cornered her eye. I draped her body with my arms, caressed her with all the yearnings I had, and made her way to every spot on her skin to make her feel admired and worshipped.

She felt like a dream which was cradling in my arms right now, I felt that I would miss this when I was still in the moment.

You can be soft too” she whispered, I felt like the luckiest person alive to see that I made her smile, which she almost never did.

We can make this work, till you get married, I understand that I can’t be that kind of person in your life but let me be with you feel you until you move far away from my eyes,” I said.

There was a silence which was too loud until “Okay” she said with a guilty smile on her face.

We met daily at dispersals and made love, I had fallen for her she was the prettiest woman in my entire life, I could now get enough of her. After a year and a half she got married and moved to another city, I missed her as if somebody took a part of my body but I also moved on with my life and got a degree in B.Tech met a girl got married have two kids with my wife.

It’s been 21 years since I saw her until one day. I saw her in my kid’s school at a parent-teacher meeting, she was teaching a class and I passed through that classroom, and in a glimpse I recognized her.

The lush beauty still having sway with that body, I turned to my boy and said pointing at her

“She used to teach me” I smiled within myself and caught a glimpse of her again, she looked right

through the door our eyes met.

The end of this 3 chapter Series


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