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 Chapter 1

She was my physics teacher in high school. At first she came across as a rude and arrogant teacher, but she had a sway with her body as if declaring that she has her own secret world where only priviliged get access to.

As a 17 year old guy my hormones ruled my brain and whenever she entered the class, my d* *k throbbed with interest. I could not understand why it happened because she was always punishing me putting me down in front of the whole class, and later I always realized why hadn’t I stood up for myself.

I was very confused because I hated her when I thought of her but being in the same air with her created these hormone bombs in me that I had little control over.

One day I decided to control myself and put her in her place, because I could not understand what her the problem with me was. She insulted me, ignored me in the corridor and made me feel like a jerk.

We got into an argument in front of the whole class when she tried to insult me with her brutal remarks about my attitude. In return I started shouting and had solid comebacks. She was startled, shocked and her face burnt with embarrassment because clearly she never thought I would speak. I felt a little bad for her too.

In the middle of our break she caught me in the corridor and ordered me to meet her in Physics lab at dispersal .I felt an extreme pinch of arousal by the way she ordered me.

After the bell rang and almost everyone dispersed i made my way to physics lab and entered with the sight of her bent on the slap of the lab checking papers, her ass pointing towards me as the saree she wore hugged her curves perfectly. That was the first time I felt something in my chest and my d**k used its own mind. She realized I came in and turned towards me asking

What was that all about in the class?” , “Are you going to behave like this with me now?“. At that time I barely captured her words, as I was too busy controlling my southern area.

“l am not sorry about that” I answered recovering myself. She relied in the shocking expression

You always insult me without any reason and for no reason i am the only one you pick on” “Its like you hate me” I complained.

She came towards me, my blood flow rising and i was heating up with every moment we spent in the lab. She passed across and closed the physics lab door and came facing me.

I do not insult you, I know you have potential thats why i tell you to improve” she answered.

“I doubt that because it feels like i’m not the one getting advice but getting insulted and nobody else gets that treatment” I argued.

“Why do you think that is huh?

It feels as if you are trying to gain my attention and i am too busy controlling my hormones to react to you” words came out of my mouth all of a sudden.

There was an awkward silence for almost 30 seconds. She smiled and came forward. “You get excited don’t you?” she whispered in my ear and pulled back her breathe from my nape.

I was red, burning with desire, and my body had given up control my thick p* * *s was clearly visible through my pants and I was barely able to hide it with my hands.

You stand straight” she ordered, but I was too embarrassed to even stand with the little self control I had. She leaned in again my head down in shame, she lifted up my chin to see her eye to eye.

Stand straight, pull your hands behind” she ordered politely.

I gave up standing straight revealing my desire, vulnerable to get her, grab her pin her down and fuck her until she begs me to stop.

You certainly are excited huh?” she whispered against my breathe and my hands rounded her back, i just couldn’t hold back now. I grabbed her by her bare waist pulled her in me to make her feel my throbbing d* *k.

To be continued..


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