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As I rode my bike back to the flat after dropping off Kisha, a pleasurable smile adorned my face. Memories of her grinning, blushing, and her warm touch replayed in my mind. I couldn’t help but miss her already, feeling her love resonate within my heart. Growing up, many people pretended to love, which left me with a lingering fear.

I knew my friends cared for me, but they were also the ones who often pushed me to do insane things. However, Kisha was different. She radiated love from her eyes, and it astounded me. I felt a pang of guilt, questioning how a perfectly sane and beautiful girl like her could love a space nerd like me, someone with a partially delinquent past and a troubled history.

Though I was grateful she was cool after, more like I made her cool after what happened at the camp, Shreya is literally a snake who disclosed that something happened at the camp with Kabir and Alaya. 

Kisha thinks that I hugged Alaya because of a dare given to me during a game but in reality, it was fucking eight days I hadn’t had a call with Kisha and had not even saw her pretty face I was missing her. 

When we returned to the base, everybody wanted to get drunk and Abhinav gave me a strong one which made my eyes blurry,Alaya was my junior in college and her face cut matched with Kisha. 

Abhinav came to my tent and said I have a surprise outside for you. My eyes was blurry and I was almost dizzy when I stepped out of the room and saw Kisha, and I thought I saw Kisha and she came all the way to surprise me but it was Alaya, the junior who had a crush on me. Shreya was there, when I ran to Alaya who I thought was Kisha and as soon as I realized that it wasn’t her but Alaya I shitted in my brain, she kissed me and I was in immediate guilt. 

Shreya, being acquainted with Kisha, must have called her and revealed that something happened between Alaya and me. However, Rohan and Abhinav narrated an alternative story, claiming it was just a dare. Of course, Kisha believed their version, and although it was a milder interpretation, she still got upset. I don’t blame her; she is protective, caring, and possessive of our love. I also knew it was my fault for being so intoxicated that I couldn’t differentiate between my girlfriend and a girl I had only exchanged two words with in college.

If Rohan and Abhinav hadn’t come up with an alternative story, I would have told Kisha the truth, apologized profusely, and accepted responsibility for my actions. But witnessing the sadness in her eyes upon learning that I hugged another girl, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that it was more than just a conscious game hug.

Nevertheless, I dont complain. I love Kisha wholeheartedly; she is raw, genuine, and wears her emotions on her face. She is like Sirius in my Canis Major Galaxy— the brightest star in my world. Without her, I wouldn’t know who I am.

Parking my bike outside the flat, I made sure to leave enough space for the other cars to maneuver smoothly. I shared the flat with my friend Tarun, who was preparing for a competitive exam and needed a place to stay. I offered him a room because I preferred living with someone rather than being alone, especially when that someone can cook.

Tarun was the kind of guy we used to tease in school due to his youthful appearance and lack of comebacks. Regardless of the constant teasing from Rohan and Abhinav, he remained silent but stuck around with us. He’s a good friend who sparks intellectual conversations about space, science, and new technologies. Abhinav and Rohan bring out the party side of me, while Tarun stimulates my intellect. I appreciate this balance, especially since I never had parents around.

About a year and a half ago, my father passed away, leaving all his property in my name. I don’t have to work excessively because I simply have to collect the rent from Aakash Chacha, my father’s brother, who manages the properties. I mostly invest the money in stocks now, allowing me some financial stability.

As for my mother, I never really knew her. I always wondered and asked questions, but all I got in return were trips to amusement parks or ice cream treats.

As I got older and persisted with my inquiries, the responses turned to ignorance. My father mentioned once, during a drunken stupor when I had to bring him home from the bar, that he loved my mother, Nisha. However, fate wasn’t kind to their love, and she left. I assumed my mother had died at a young age, and Aakash Chacha confirmed my assumptions when I asked him.

Entering the flat, Tarun greeted me with a hand raised high, as if he were my biggest fan. Sometimes, I wondered how he even fit the typical “guy” mold. He always kept the common areas clean and respected my privacy by not entering my room for cleaning purposes.

Tarun handed me a bowl of fried rice he had prepared as we settled down to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s documentary. In my mind, I made a mental note to cherish my time with Kisha tomorrow and make the most out of Sunday. Having something to look forward to brought me a sense of contentment, especially after the Alaya and Shreya incident at the camp. I was slightly anxious, but knowing I would see Kisha soon eased my worries.

Lost in my thoughts, I dozed off beside Tarun, feeling a sense of peace knowing that tomorrow I would make Kisha laugh, see her


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