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Chapter 2


This never happens, that we are in a public place and still making out vigorously. I always hated that but I couldn’t help it this time i had been away for eight whole days.

She moans with pleasure taking place in her nerves with all the breast squeezing. I know she likes it when I touch her boobs, her tongue deep in my mouth, our lips wrestling as to show the dominance of love we want to establish on each other. 

It doesn’t matter who shows the dominance and how much at last she is my baby and she melts right into me, she wants me to take charge she wants me to take responsibility and I keep failing a lot in taking up the real responsibility, but I am trying to get better, waving off the thought I see her eyes while kissing me closed, her lashes moving along her pleasurable expression giving me a load of emotions in my stomach. 

I lift my right hand to slide into her top and find the right edge in her bra which allows me with the best gap to enter. 

When I touch her bare breast I realise she is hot and her heart is thudding with pleasure, she growls arching her back as I give both her breasts a squeeze at one time. 

Removing my hand from her left breast I travel down to her navel and move my fingers slowly down to her clit, being aware with the flow she arches to compliment my movements, which makes me hotter than I already was and gives me her validation.

I start rubbing her clit in slow circles with my two finger monitoring her body movements, her eyes on me “kabi Kabir” I reach down to her cleft and move my fingers up and down her sex, she was so wet and ready,

 “now” she said and giving her a feeling of delayed gratification I say “sshh I know my stuff”, “you better know it, you are my man”

“Kissha, kissha, I can’t believe you are mine” 

She gave me an assuring smile mixed with all the pleasure I was giving her, her fetching eyes still on me, her lips curving and tightening.

I kept rubbing the lips of her sex and she started quivering, I entered my middle finger feeling her wet tenderness gave me a fresh flow of blood, her hips beginning with their pleasure amusing rhythm.

I stroked my finger in and out slowly and entered another with a full stroke, she almost screamed and my face left a smile, she could feel my hard on her back as she put a had on it when I started stroking her with my two fingers, her upper body moved forward with the strokes getting harder, she was helpless when I did this to her, I loved seeing her totally dependent on me as I was on her.


We were on our way back to our home. I was smiling after the intimate session that we had just left with, this time he didn’t have to ask me to hug him from behind. 

We stopped at the nearby 24/7 store to have a drink and some snacks, we had it quickly and left for the remaining ride, he dropped me off at the end of my street to avoid the neighbours chatter. This was our usual spot behind the big generator; nobody could see us and we could say our byes properly. Stood behind the generator and he came along with me. 

“Bye” I said

“I want to keep you in the little pocket of t shirt and take you everywhere I go”

“Where is this coming from?”

He gave me an annoying look and said “From my heart”

“Sounds more like dick” 

“I cannot insert a dick in a dick sized person who I am carrying in my pocket okay, It came from heart only”

“Ha ha I know” I said, flinging both my arms on his neck and rubbing my temple on his lips.

“Uhhhh, I don’t want to leave”

“Then let’s stay behind this generator forever” 

He grabs my head, immerses his fingers in my hair, makes a deep eye contact with his gorgeous grey eyes and says “If I get you just for myself I will stay behind hell too, got it?”

I smiled and nodded “I love you kub”

“I love you, I love you, Kisshuuu” Makes a stupid face. 

I grab his face by his and pull my feet up to meet his lips 

“Whatever happened in the camp should never happen. I am saying to you, I will snatch those arms off if anybody even touches them except for me” my voice is serious

“It will never happen, I promise sorry for the camp”.

“We should go now, it’s already 8:30” I said in a low voice.

He put his 2 fingers making a shape of a gun on his forehead gesturing that this feels like somebody shot him. 

“Bye now”

He leaves my arms and slowly touches my cheek and says “Bye kishi” 

I couldn’t say more, I just wished standing there if there would be a way that he stays with me, just do something magical from one of those bollywood movies where the guy just knocks at the girl’s door leaving everything behind to surrender himself to her love. In the real world this sounds scary but I know if this moment he leaves everything and comes to me we would actually be better actually more than better. 

I hear the thud of the bike and he leaves winking at me. I turn around to enter my street and i feel a grave hole in my heart because he left, I wanted him to hold me, more just keep me tucked in his arms, I also think I overreacted about his camp and I should have been understanding, but he doesn’t have to know what I am thinking, otherwise he is gonna hug other women during the silly games that his friends tell him to play. 

I hate his friends for doing this, the only reason I tolerate them is because they keep him happy and they have been inseparable since 19 years and I did not want to be that kind of girlfriend who swoops in and takes their friend.

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