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In the evening, the mountains are shining like the golden palaces of Ravan in Lanka due to the redness of the rays of the setting sun. The queen standing on the ramparts of the fort is looking at the setting sun. The fort is built at such a height that the peaks of the mountains are visible far below.

Anantapur Fort is the pride of the Anantapur state. Rana’s palace is also inside the fort. The queen is lost in the beauty of the evening. Just then the queen’s younger daughter comes running and clings to the queen’s legs. The queen picks up her daughter in her lap. The queen walks towards her room with her daughter in her lap. The queen wakes up after hearing noise at night. She sees that Rana is not sleeping on the bed. She peeks out of the window of her room.

The battle is going on under the outermost ramparts of the fort. Rana is showing his bravery by waving the sword in his hands. Rana decapitates the enemy soldier with a single blow. Some enemy soldiers try to escape, but Anantapur’s soldiers chase them and destroy them. After some time Rana comes into the room. Queen – “Who were those people?” Rana – “They were soldiers of Kamalahdurg. They were trying to climb the outer wall by taking advantage of the darkness. The guards saw them and woke up the rest of the soldiers. The enemy soldiers tried to escape, but some of our soldiers from the village also came. So we all surrounded them and finished their work.”

Kamlah Fort is on the hill opposite to Anantapur Fort. Both the forts are inaccessible and invincible. The commander of Kamlah fort is the subedar and relative of the king of Mandi state. Kamlah Fort is the pride of Mandi state. The Rana of Anantapur is not ready to accept the subordination of the Raja of Mandi. He rules the Anantapur principality independently. Rana is a kind hearted person. The people of Anantapur are living a happy life under his rule and leadership. Rana participates in both their happiness and sorrow. Rana’s better half Queen Leelavati supports him at every step. The people of Anantapur love the queen very much.The queen fully support Rana in his royal duties. Rani to Rana – “They will come again.” Rana-“I am thinking of attacking the fort of Kamlah.” Queen – “This would be foolish. We will not be able to conquer the fort of Kamlah. We will have to strengthen the security of our fort.” The next day, King Surajsen of Mandi receives the news of the defeat of Kamalah’s soldiers in the court. Surajsen becomes restless after hearing this news. Surajsen wants to conquer the fort of Anantapur at any cost. He wants to send a huge army from Mandi to conquer the fort of Anantapur. He orders this to the commander. Then a minister said – “Your Majesty, King Mansingh of Kullu has come with his huge army to hunt in the forests bordering Mandi, but to me, his intention seems to be something else rather than hunting. At this time the army is out of the capital. Sending it would be like putting your own head in the mouth of a lion. You should reconsider your decision.” King – “I cannot leave the Rana of Anantapur without punishing him for his audacity.” A minister named Jalpu -” Maharaj, this is the time to use diplomacy. We should resort to Sama, Daam, Dand, Bheda, all. Diplomacy should be used to defeat Rana.

” King:”So Jalpu, I leave this task to you.”

The court ends. After a week, King Mansingh of Kullu returns to his capital after hunting. Within no time
seven months pass. The court of the king of Mandi is set up. King’s Treasurer – “His Majesty’s Minister
Jalpu has embezzled a hundred gold coins from the treasury. I also have evidence to support this
allegation.” King to Jalpu – “Jalpu, have you done this?” Jalpu – “I wouldn’t even dream of doing that.”
Maharaj to the treasurer – “Minister, please present the evidence.” The treasurer presents the evidence.
The allegations are proved by the evidence. King – “Jalpu, the punishment for your crime is only death
penalty. But considering your services, I expel you from my kingdom.” Jalpu tells his friends that he will
definitely take revenge from the king for his insult. This word spreads everywhere. The guard of the
main gate of the fort of Anantapur sees someone coming towards the gate on a horse. Sentinel – “Who
are you? Introduce yourself, stranger.” Stranger – “I am Jalpu, the exiled minister of Mandi. Inform the
king of my arrival.” The sentinel informs the king about Jalpu’s arrival. Rana calls Jalpu inside. The Rana
welcomes Jalpu to his court. The Rana welcomes Jalpu as a guest in his palace. Rana’s advisors advise
him not to do so. He tells Rana that your action will irritate Surajsen. Rana says who cares about
Surajsen. Days go by. Jalpu becomes Rana’s confidant. Rana starts trusting him more than his people.
Queen Leelavati makes Jalpu her religious brother. Rani and Jalpu develop a close relationship. There
was never a day when Rani and Jalpu did not laugh and joke with each other. Jalpu’s knowledge of
business and market is very useful to Rana. Rana gets a lot of profit in business. Seeds are brought from
outside for sowing crops. This year the crop is good. On the day of Diwali, Queen Leelavati and other
women have decorated the fort with lamps. Rana has organized a feast for everyone. Rani Leelavati is
looking very beautiful in saree. The queen, surrounded by other women, looks like the moon
surrounded by stars on a pitch black night. Jalpu – “Today the moon itself has descended among the
stars in the form of lamps.” All the women start laughing.Then Rana comes there. Seeing Rana coming,
the queen covers herself with her veil. Addressing Jalpu Rana – “Your Majesty, you came like a black
thick cloud, which covered the moon.” Rana starts laughing. Just then the guard comes there. Sentinel –
“Your Majesty, everyone has gathered in the court.” Rana asks the guard to leave. Rana and Rani reach
the court arm in arm. Everyone shouts in his honour. Rana picks up the wine cup. The feast begins as
soon as Rana picks up the cup. People enjoy the feast to the fullest. Some people fall down under the
influence of alcohol. So some people indulge in lovemaking with women in the corners of the ramparts.
By one o’clock in the night everyone goes to sleep after enjoying. Lights are still burning in the caravan
of nomads below the fort. This caravan of nomads has reached here this morning itself. Jalpu has
assured Rana that he will earn huge profits by doing business with them. Both the guards at the main
gate are also drunk. A seventeen-eighteen year old beautiful girl from the caravan comes to the main
gate. Her breasts are half bare. She smiles at the guards. Both the guards follow him. Behind a tree a
short distance away, the guards hold him in their arms. All three get involved in lovemaking there. The
main gate is open without guards. Now anyone could easily come inside without being detected. Jalpu
gives a signal to the nomads by lighting three torches on the tower of the fort. In reality, there are
soldiers of the king of Mandi disguised as nomads. They understand Jalpu’s signal. They take out their
hidden weapons. Mandi’s soldiers enter the fort. They cut the soldiers lying drunk on the road like
carrots and radishes. The stream of blood starts flowing as if it is raining blood in Anantgarh Fort. Jalpu
reaches Rana’s room with the soldiers. After sexual intercourse, Rana and Queen Leelavati are sleeping
naked. Rana and Rani wake up hearing the noise. Jalpu thrusts his sword through Rana’s stomach. Jalpu
was fascinated by the beauty of the queen from the very first day. He wanted to get the queen at any
cost. In fact, the expulsion of Jalpu from his court was part of a conspiracy by the king of Mandi. When
the king of Mandi saw that Anantapur fort could not be conquered by force, he decided to use
conspiracy. For this he chose his most trusted minister Jalpu.

Jalpu also played his role in this conspiracy very well. The queen has understood everything. He trusted Jalpu like his own brother. Jalpu picks up the naked queen and starts taking her with him. As soon as she comes out of the fort, the queen frees herself from the clutches of Jalpu and runs away. Jalpu runs after him. He did not want to let his prize slip away under any circumstances. There is a very deep gorge ahead. Rani stops there. Jalpu comes there running from behind. He understands that Rani cannot run away now. He starts laughing loudly. The queen curses him that he and his entire family will die of leprosy. After cursing, the queen commits suicide by jumping into the ditch. Jalpu remains there rubbing his hands. Jalpu returns to the court of the king of Mandi. The king welcomes him very much. The king rewards Jalpu with one lakh gold coins. Within two years, Jalpu and his family die of leprosy. In this way the queen’s curse proves to be true.


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