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Madhi, A 13 year old girl, with ‘alaipaayum’ heart, was walking down the alley, with a pout caused by water in her mouth, she was already a cute, chubby girl, this made her more cute.

Sahadevan, A 18 year old boy, with a playful mind, was also walking down the same alley, looking at all the ‘cute’ things there.

He started to try her pout seeing her cuteness, on seeing him, she couldn’t help but smile and blush, but to hide it, she had her hand on her mouth. He chuckled at her reactions and walked further but she couldn’t follow him as she was called.

She went home, that night and wrote a letter in her diary, so did he

The next week was full of imagining their lives with each other and of course, they couldn’t see each other. They both grew longer with crush feelings


Years later,

Sahadevan, had shifted to a new place, he was unpacking his bags but face palmed when his diary was left there itself.

Instead of his diary, he found another, only first page was written beautifully, other pages were crumbled, erased, scribbled, even torn, but there was this one page that attracted him,
As he reads,

“Dear Cute Pout Crush,

Hi, I am Madhi, just entered my teens. I never imagined my first crush would be someone who imitated me, if it was others, I would have definitely walked up straight and scolded you. I was surprised by my own behaviour, I even blushed and smiled, goddamn this isn’t ending good. My harmones !! F*** you !! Ahh stop this, I can’t help but smile and blush at the thought, what if we meet again ? Wow, it would be perfect. We can have be friends, then lovers, then couple, and parents. Sh!t !! What am I even thinking? Will you reciprocate the same feelings as me ? I don’t know but I am happy with this much. Enaku idhu podhum (this is enough for me) just like my idol Sivaangi says for Ashwinneyy. Okay, Okay, I am already tired, so let me go sleep and don’t disturb me in my mind or dreams.

Good bye, Dream boy
Your Love.”

He chuckled at each of her words. He had the same type of crush. But now his diary was long forgotten, as he discovered each of that diary’s page, he was surprised, stunned and more by her writings. He was shocked how she dreamed her life with him.

Madhi shipped to another house, she was there alone. She was damn depressed, she had just lost her whole family in a accident and had to sell her home to settle her debts, now she wanted to die but she can’t, She had a responsibility of a girl. Her mother was clever, she knew if she is alone, she will try to kill herself. So she adopted a girl, and gave the responsibility to her daughter, Madhi. So that, she will live for the girl.

She remembered that, her diary was left in her old home, which was now miles away. After unpacking, she found a diary, a properly maintained one, not clumsy like hers, there was a page similar to what she wrote about her first crush, same situation, same name, even same gestures made her so intrigued, for the kid inside her was still alive.

She was so stunned at the guy’s thoughts about his first crush, at the age of 18. How he wanted to live with her, how he imagined her, all these thoughts made me more interested.

They both read the diary and continued to love each other but they never met and initiated to find each other’s diary, so they stayed loving the diary owner, till they died.

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