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Today I sat with my pencil in hand,
Thousands of words going through my mind,
I think of phrases and phrases to write,
Where should I start, where I should end, the thoughts jumbled in my head, Will it even end?

I remember looking at you,
I have tried to search for your soul in those eyes,
but the vast ocean of mystery it holds,
always leaves me with no clue

Did I see warmth in them for me,
or its just how you look when you smile,
if you Are the ocean with high tides,
I will walk barefoot into your waves and I will let me drown,

No my heart doesn’t stops beating when you look at me,
It’s just.. i forget i should breath,
And the moment I remember oxygen is more essential than looking at you,

It aches, knowing you are just like the air I am letting in, I would hold it in my chest forever if I could, but in the end I know I will let it go. The line is blurry, that morning I woke up. My chest was light, even with all the clouds, the morning was bright, the faded smell of last night’s rain was still there, so was yours.

I knew something is different, something has changed, I was wondering what it was and then I saw you, I forgot to breath, I was wondering were you always this beautiful,whole day i couldn’t keep you out of my mind,i whispered your name in silence,to the wall,to the universe,in my daydreams,i murmured your name like verses of prayer, to the every passing living thing in my head I said your name wishing it would carry my call to you,

The day hasn’t even started and I know I have messed up. Cause I knew you were the knife that was gonna bleed me to death.I knew I was gonna come forward and let you cut me deep . The evening didn’t even come, and I was way too long gone, faraway, fallen.

Just like Icarus has taken its flight towards the burning sun knowing it will melt his wings of wax, I knew you were gonna set me aflame, burn my veins, but suddenly I didn’t mind.

I didn’t mind that your blood is gonna flow in the poems of my heart now, I didn’t mind that The same blood will choke and would be the reason for my end. Was i falling for you or in easy words my heart has taken the path of destruction by its own to get showered by your essence. I don’t know yet if I’m falling in love with you.what is love anyway? Suddenly the way I am thinking about you is different,I have known love before,then why? Then why it feels so different and at the same time it feels like if i could ever fall in love it would be this. It was easy,you creeped in my heart like the twigs of the cosmos, the never ending maze you are pulling me in,I’m walking deeper and deeper, maybe it’s too late to find my way back or maybe, maybe I don’t want to find my way back.

I wonder, if u know any of this, everytime you look at me in eyes, I feel like holding your gaze forever, to stare at your eyes, and every time I meet your eyes ,I feel surreal,I feel like I have gone drunk, I started believing the fact that u don’t have to always get intoxicated to feel high,your eyes they are so beautiful and deep ,what word should I use to say so that, you will understand how badly they affect me.

Your one glance and it brings an earthquake in my chest,With the thump of every beat, each flutter u wake up the tsunami in my soul. When I keep looking at your eyes, the surrounding blurs, all the noises around just become white buzz. At times like that I just wish for time to stop.But it doesn’t happen, a moment passes and the silence breaks, the chaos around me comes back to life once more.

Do u know sometime when you look at me ,there’s just few second i could handle, but when it goes more than i could bear, my heart starts to quiver, the ache of longing that it might be last time, my palms starts to itch with an unknown desire to just hold your hands till the pain goes numb.


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