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I was a person,
Who never knew what happiness means.
The moment you entered my life,
I experienced nothing else except happiness.

Your attention meant the world to me,
Even the tiniest efforts you make,
I’m so glad for that.

Finally when I said to you, I love you,
You rejected me.

I was only a mere friend of yours,
Whereas you were my reason to live.
Except you, nothing makes me alive,
Everything feels incomplete without you.

The dreams I had,
to spend an eternity with you.
Now got shattered within seconds,
My heart has been crumbled.

In every piece of it, i can see nothing other than you.

You felt like home to me,
But now you are asking me to leave.
Oh, how I wished, I would
spend my time with you.

Now it all would just be only,
an unfulfilled dream.
May be in this birth we,
aren’t destined to live together.


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