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Still holding desire on memories
Though they already said me goodbye
But hope echos in my mind
Stating that, it will last for some more time

All the mercy I have shown to people
Has became worst nightmare at the moment
Also I Proved myself guilty for being soo ignorant

Pawns have played well in the chess of my life
And here I am, who has reached the deadline
But unexpectedly
Hollowness within myself, had made me indestructible
Neither reasons validate me, nor words humiliate me

Demons have teared down my kind soul
Allowing me to never settle for nothing more
Being mean is must in sphere now
Asking a question, is this necessarily how?

Once again, I’m standing alone in a long queue
Waiting for someone to make a sympathy move
Maybe it’s me who has lost or the people who doesn’t care
But some part of me has obviously died there

Now every state is full of misery
How come, leaving someone is soo easy?
But there’s an ache in my heart,
believing that i’ll never fall apart

Consoling oneself that you’re not misdeed
It’s the tribe that commit everything out of greed
Becomes even more hard every now and then
Questioning myself, this is happening when?
There’s a haunted house within myself
Ghost in the soul, keeps peeping everytime itself
It becomes very hard to breathe,
carrying a burden within.


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