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I was stuck in between the bows
Of her mesmerizing eye brows
Suddenly my heart pumps in peak
As her sudden sight of noticing mine
My face down for a while.
My eyes roller coastered at her
Heart guides to cherish her
But my mind was in agony that it will hurt her..
Days are gone,
Sun sets and rise
Waiting for a good time to tell she is mine.
Allies and their quarells of her name
Made me feel annoying out but my heart drenched with bliss
Days passed, time to leave
The gates of college says a bye
My heart seeks a chance to win
She came with her friends and clicked on a worthy frame
Had a smile and a hug and it’s been tattooed in my mind
Will live with her in my dream,
Without fear of veto and with my dear
In changing the rule that parallel lines will meet someday.


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