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When I dream of you
It feel like I’m the happiest girl ever
I want you to know what I wish to say,
I love you a lot my sweetheart

And it’s a promise from my side,
that I will never make us fall apart
I would love to gaze at your lovely eyes for hours

And I wish to be with you forever
Ohh, my beloved!
I miss you even in the crowd
I miss you even when the whole world is around me
For your love I can find no substitute
When I met you I felt the world was just us
I know God created you just for me
Though I know you are not mine,
Yet I feel my heart is made for you

I just don’t want to see you with someone else
I want to keep you as a treasure
Ohh, my beloved!
You are my one and only one
I couldn’t imagine my life without you
I promise to keep you safe in my heart
I promise to make your life a beautiful one
I promise to make you laugh until your stomach aches,
and I want to make many more promises,
which will last forever

You are my sweetest prayer that I ask God everyday,
You carry a huge part of my heart <3


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