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If i never wake up tomorrow
And i never had the chance to live another day
Who would come up to my grave
And tell me how they wish i would’ve stayed

Who would weep in my grave
And leave roses where my but decaying body is laid
When the shade of the trees cover her well
And their leaves falling over my grave

The kids have grown up well she would say
Clinging and crying over what is only an empty well
Id tell her that a beautiful angel has taken me
To a wondrous heaven where you and I will one day meet

And i’ll tell you to wipe your tears and stop crying
But that wouldn’t do much will it?
That still beautiful smile but now filled with hopelessness
I see that you feel empty

Like my decaying body that lies underneath the trees
I wish that I could comfort you
In times when youre most in need
I wish that heaven had visiting hours

So that you can tell me your problems
And so that I can lend an ear to listen
And so that I can tell you problems about my life
In this so called paradise

It’s a lie
There is no such paradise
One where our love is but dead
And our eyes but far away
And where we are only but a mile away

I am now far away
But I need something to be of aid
From hearing you cry right next to me ear
Doing nothing but only to yearn

Yearn for love
Yearn for my life
Yearn for a life where I am nothing but near
Near you
And you near me

Heaven and earth away
But we are never far away
Cause while the leaves may fall from the trees
I watch over you sending a warm breeze

While you may weep over my body that is only dead
I am still here with you
And love is still in the air


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