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I remember  when I was younger,

15 year old me back in 2015

The same month,

The Clock striked at twelve p.m once more

Today, however i am in a different  room

 & the only distraction is that,

You were there too.

Unlike those who remained silent 

You, on the other hand,slept soundly.

Shrieks of grievances

Covered in white and it has the very 

First time,i took my pen to write 

You left us impressionless,incomplete

(yet) in complete silence.

And a chirpy bird like me lost her 

Tenacious as an eagle lady 

Too soon for the heavenly clouds above

The night before,

I walked down to your room

With meddling smile 

And you are filled with anger 

Ignorance  at its peak 

GO! You shouted and asked me to leave 

Alone i never wanted 

But i had to.

 And tonight,

When i come up to you again 

ascending to the terrace 

And certainly 

You gave me 

An impression to preserve in my heart 


Which i always seen a gleaming 

Gleaming simple,seeing from few far away miles 

During the days,nights and even at 

The dawn

Come back i shout 

And request your return 

And wish i sent 

Got collided and it came back.

Coming back to 2015

The same year,few month back 

A lady was fighting to be decorated 

And catered 

Daadi,its di’s wedding 

Paralysis on left side

 and asking for  the right makeup.

protesting for her rights.

Her bright eyes shone 

Her roar and demands 

Shielding her,my knight.

Now, my knight got earth’s shield,

This city held my heart 

But now,

It forever holds you in its heart.

Now with the same emotional expression 

I realize that no one understood 

Us like each other like me did 

You are not here but the show must go on;

Where i speak & tremble once more 

Remembering your feather like fingers caressing 

My head  

& i am still feel them even after you left your loving clinch 

As i worry a little too much about my impressions  are they

Lingering too much 

Once someone dear to me said 

Impressions are not meant  to be imprisoned,

Unlike the beverages who are meant upto 

Bottled up not feeling,

As nothing lost forever except impression and trust me when i say,

This feeling will pass & tomorrow 

Will be new day

      :- by  muskan (smile:) )


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