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It’s the tale that narrates

How I entangled to the cosmos

That leads to a beautiful scenic of my life

Amidst the chaos

She was the epitome of calm

Her flawless hair

That flaunts in the air

The hazel brown eyes

Holds the entire universe

Her charming heart is,

The chamber of unsaid tales

That’s the moment

A spark embarked

It was an inevitable emotion

That lead my mind and heart to a commotion

It felt surreal

Infinite feelings towards a person

Is this called love? 

Is she my first love?

 And I realized that she is the one 

When She became ,

 My happiness

 My love

 My world

 My guarding angel 

My well wisher

 My friend 

When all of My starts with Her 

I realized she is my first love 

And I prayed she should be my last 

Until I last.


Hiding behind the door

Afraid standing before

Millions of emotions to pour

She just ignore

Gazing at her

My soul stir

I don’t know where we were

Only my heartbeat to hear

Don’t know what feeling is this

Thinking of her just makes me bliss

I don’t want to miss

The day she say yes

Without her days go rough

Holding through the pain is tough

How to heal thinking of

Seeing her is just enough

Even nothing I gain

When everything goes vain

She is the medicine to my pain

Just seeing at her

I’m in loss of words

And in the background

There plays violin chords

When she says hey!

Everything I want to say

Makes it’s way

And just fades away

She a mesmerizing beauty

Praising her is my duty

She is divinity

That I believe truly

                                By Hemamalini p


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