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Creativity Truth Bombs 

Once my boss said that creativity is our bread and butter because of course I worked in a design firm so, creativity is a primary thing that people paid for there. I am professionally creative but, I asked myself while preparing for a competitive exam which only needed logic on paper, that if creativity is applicable in every feild?  

I went into a spiral of thought and discovered that the exam I was preparing for said that it only needed logic on paper but some math problem had to be solved creatively, otherwise, it would be just formula,theorem, question and answer.

Where is the fun in that? The paper setters won’t even be thrilled just to give a difficult calculation. They were thrilled to know to which extent the applicants can drive their logic to solve complex problems? Either there was an extent or the answer was something else.

The answer was Creativity.

Creativity is not the bread butter of everyone, but a magnetic string that helps in creating a web of chronological thoughts which helps us in conclusions and perspectives, that is the reason logic is commonly found and creativity is rare. 

Can you solve this question with mere logic?

An ant wants to reach the top of the pole whose height is 6 meters and radius is 2 meters. What is the shortest distance traveled by the ant if she crawls in a spiral and not in a straight line. Can this be solved Mathematically? 

Answer at the end 

Basics of Creativity 

Everyone has their weak and strong arenas but there are some basics of curiosity.

1.Curiosity and wonderment: You need to be curious on the biggies and even at the little details, stupid or not. Curiosity can be smart and it can be stupid and stupider, but just being curious would do. Okay let me prove it to you. 

You are curious about stocks. You find the best stocks to invest in and create a strategy that brings you the best return in the long run and doesn’t give you a hole in your pocket in the short run. Smart? Curiosity can be smart. 

Hence proved.

You are a stand up comedian and newly shifted in Mumbai. You see that every car in your area has been covered with a car sheet and your curiosity is sparked as to why is it so necessary in Mumbai to cover your car, you leave the sheet out to see what would exactly happen. You realize that the population of pigeons is 100X as compared to where you lived earlier and the whole windshield is covered with pigeon’s shits. This was hilarious and a comedy set is created out of it called Names & Pigeons. Again Curiosity here is stupid but the comedy set drove out of it was impactful.

Ps. Abhishek Upmanyu your curiosity led to 19 Million views on Youtube.

2. Listening to your heartbeat: The sole purpose of putting this heading in a dramatic way is to make it sound like it “ Apni Dhadkano ko sun rhe ho to zinda ho tum” “If you are listening to your heartbeat you are alive”. 

What makes your heart beat? Where is that adrenaline?

Follow it to lead to creative islands.

3. “Damn it, I am doing it”: I will do it when it is like that, when xyz has my company, when the weather is right, when i am independent. Scrap this mental image of perfection that is stopping you from being your creative Avatara and say “Damn it, I am doing it today”.

4. Being Human: Who are humans?

Humans are emotional, social, a puppet of mistakes, a lie of shadowed perfection, procrastinators, wounded lovers, healed vulnerables, nosy, cranky, clingy, adventurous and what not. 

Be a human man dont stop yourself from being the dramatic character you are, be it and be it fully for you to feel the most raw emotions otherwise your right mind would hibernate for long breaks and you might wonder where are my tears when an emotional scene comes in a movie, you sobbed on earlier. 

Ah, life advice! 

Moving on 

5. “Do not disturb I am in my own world”: Ever gone into the room of a little girl? Watch around, barbie stickers, sparkle stickers,, barbies laying around, kitchen set placed with the utmost perfection in order of the amused play. It’s her own world, you displace one thing and the little girl will come screaming at you with her small fists crushing your arms which are shockingly hitting harder than expected. She comes up with the weirdest of questions, Why? 

She has created her own world. Her world is the reflection of her curiosity which leads to creative questions that give her perspective and sometimes make her head spin. 

Create your own world, your space of reflection, connect the dots and find the answers or none the less more questions. 

You can be a creative, irrespective of your field

Who says technical fields don’t require creativity. From business analytics to coding everything can be done creatively. 

A business analyst can always analyze the excel sheet and come up with effective conclusions but if done creatively the same Business analyst can step in product strategy as well as price positioning in a company.

Who can penetrate their mind into the spreadsheet? A finance geek but if done creatively the guy can present the same conclusive information in infographics to the general public.

Coding is applying logic. I get it but logic is applied on things that are to be created, how can you create things? Where does the idea of creating something come from? Check out this website on Coding you will get the idea.

Creativity and logic are Husband and wife 

Opposites attract, it’s totally true!

Creativity and logic are husband and wife. 

Not to be a generalist, but usually Husbands are the lazy ones and the wife keeps everything in order, to which a good husband surrenders as he finds value in not putting his mind in the details of the thing, but sometimes the wife gets all frustrated and asks her husband to do the chores and plan certain things as she is doing it for such a long time and her mind is just not in it anymore. Basically she wants to relax, she has encountered something complex and she can do it but she is just tired to go that far. 

A responsible husband who is in touch with his emotions takes the charge dutifully and plans everything creatively, for the task to get done, he encounters issues but he finds it challenging enough to keep himself amused and comes up with new ideas to tackle them and get his wife pleased. 

He gets successful and his wife is amazed with the effort as she never anticipated something to be done so smoothly for her. She is happy! She gets her chargeback. 

Marry your creativity and bring out the best in him, don’t think too much! You can relax.

Creativity for Self 

In 2024 anything and everything can be monetized via content creation, which inturn leads to a pressure of doing things for money or losing motivation. 

When someone says you are creative it’s because you can radiate it through your actions. It has not been put in a jar that you can use it whenever you want to monetize on certain things. Creative fields are professionally centered around new ideas, which accustom a lot of resources and tools to reach a point of result, but that doesn’t mean you can pour your scoop of creativity into the project and close the lid. 

Keep things for yourself, having something on your side to put your mind to without any expectations sure that can become big someday, but you should do it for the purpose of your creative energy in a flow state, not because you want to become famous or any other material purpose behind it.

भगवान श्रीकृष्ण अर्जुन को गीता का ज्ञान देते हुए कहते हैं-

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन्। मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते संगोस्त्वकर्मणि।। इंसान को केवल कर्म का ही अधिकार है, उसके फल के बारे में चिंता करने का नहीं। इसलिए तुम कर्मों के फल की चिंता मत कर और कर्म से विमुख मत हो।

Lord Krishna while giving the knowledge of Gita to Arjuna says-

Karmanyevadhikaraste Ma Fleshu Kadachan. Maa karmaphalheturbhurma te sangostvakarmani.

Meaning-Man has only the right to work, not to worry about its fruits. That’s why don’t worry about the fruits of your actions and don’t get distracted from your actions.


Can be solved through Pythagoras theorem. To solve this problem the cylindrical pole is reimagined into a rectangle to find the shortest distance. 


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